Where to start…

I know there is a lot of gluten free talk out there. From fad to diet (for lack of a better phrase) to health concerns, there are a lot of reasons why people are choosing to go gluten free. I unfortunately and against the will of most of my food cravings, fit into the second part of these categories. After a suggestion from my doctor to try a gluten free diet I wish I could say that it has been an easy tradition. Well this is where my journey begins…

The hardest part for me has been knowing where to start. There is so much information it is overwhelming. Can I go from eating anything I want, to an entire lifestyle overhaul and not completely loose my mind? Yes but in pieces and with a lot of experimentation. 

So how do I precede? By blogging of course. 

I am creating this blog to share my experience. I will post recipes (some experimental) as well as my experience having to share space with gluten eaters (or as I will later refer to them a “geaters” aka my husband), and maybe sometimes just bad days as a new GF eater.

No experience will be the same but maybe if you are reading mine it will help you not feel alone or lost in this gluten free world… 





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